Mitigating cybersecurity insider threats

Did you know that in some industries the biggest cybersecurity threats come from inside a breached organization? Sometimes it’s motivated by financial gain and sometimes it’s plain-old ignorance. So how can you protect your organization from insider threats? #1 Educate You must teach your team to recognize personally identifiable information (PII) and understand the financial […]

Decrease printing costs in 5 easy ways

You may think that your printing expenses aren’t a major concern. But if they’re not managed well, you may end up with a bloated IT budget that’s mostly comprised of hardware, supply purchases, and equipment maintenance costs. Your business can save money and time by following these five tips.

Why the 3-2-1 principle of data backup matters

There’s no denying that digital assets are among the most valuable in any modern organization. By now, almost everyone in the business world is aware of just how important it is to keep everything safely backed up, but that doesn’t mean they’re adequately prepared for disaster.

Office 365 productivity add-ons you must use

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most successful and popular apps in the world, currently with 180 million users and counting. To enhance the user experience, it also offers these time-saving, productivity-boosting add-ons. #1. Teams Teams is ideal for organizations that collaborate frequently.

6 Firefox features your business needs

Firefox may not be as ubiquitous as it used to be, but it remains a powerful browser. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of its capabilities by using these tools: Firefox’s secret tweak interface Catering to the more tech-savvy users, Firefox’s secret interface gives you a peek behind the curtain into the world of coding.

Taking business continuity to the cloud

Business continuity is often overlooked until it’s too late. But with the cloud on their side, IT departments and business owners can more easily adopt this strategy to help avert the next outage. Here’s how the cloud benefits implementations of business continuity.

Security audits are more crucial than they seem

Security audits are an excellent way to set the benchmark for your company’s data integrity. It is also a reliable way of identifying gaps in your system before they can be exploited by hackers. Auditing and the security strategy Audits are necessary to maintain system integrity and uphold quality.

Choosing an office Wi-Fi router

Selecting a Wi-Fi router, much like selecting any other piece of equipment for your business, can be a complicated task. There are a variety of models available that it can be a chore to work out the best option. However, if you know what features to look for, it’s much easier to make the right […]

5 Important networking considerations for small businesses migrating to the cloud

While the benefits of cloud computing are, without doubt, it does introduce some unique challenges that ideally need to be addressed before you make the move to a service-based infrastructure.

As companies shift more workloads to the cloud to improve performance and enable mobility, they’re becoming increasingly reliant on networks and infrastructure they don’t own or manage directly for themselves.

8 Features to look for when evaluating VoIP solutions

In the age of instant gratification and short attention spans, businesses face greater pressure to be consistently available to answer the demands of their customers. While the landline has been doing that job for decades, things are changing fast as businesses move to internet-based telephony solutions.

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