Electronic Recycling Phoenix & Scottsdale

Certified, compliant services to make sure your digital assets deliver maximum value in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Tempe

The growing number of electronics products means they need to be disposed of ever more frequently. But they contain toxic materials that harm the environment if not disposed of correctly, and improper disposal can lead to the theft of your sensitive business data. But you can trust your e-recycling needs to Solution Partner.

We’ll recycle all your electronic products safely and securely, from pickup to disposal. We’ll salvage the valuable materials and have them reused in new products, while shredding your hard drive and erasing all your data to make it irretrievable. When you entrust your e-waste to us, you’re protecting your business from data theft, protecting the environment, and boosting your reputation as an eco-friendly company.

Eliminate your e-recycling risks with Solution Partner


We help your business be safe and responsible with:

  • Data destruction that’s compliant with domestic and international standards such as DOD, NIST, HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, and FCRA, with a Certificate of Data Destruction
  • e-Recycling that reduces pollution, saves landfill space, and complies with electronic recycling laws
  • Real-time tracking and extensive documentation to minimize chain-of-custody issues from receiving the materials to when they’re reused or discarded