Make medical dictation faster, easier, & more accurate than ever with Dragon® Medical One.

The trusted speech recognition you know, now in the cloud. Dragon Medical One combines a next-generation speech recognition engine with over 90 medical specialty and sub-specialty vocabularies built in—providing you with proven accuracy right out of the box, without the hassle of profile training.

Why Dragon® Medical One?

This next level clinical speech recognition solution recognizes how you work and the unique challenge your practice might have.

Practice Challenges:

Physician productivity & satisfaction.

The ratio of time spent with patients and the time spent doing desk work is 1:2.

Financial integrity & compliance.

Reduce or eliminate transcription costs and speed capture of the effective documentation.

Patient experience.

Unhappy patients are three times more likely to leave a practice.


physicians use Dragon Speech Recognition worldwide.


reduction in time spent on documentation.


EHR and healthcare technology leaders partner with Nuance®.


reduction in transcription costs.

Make the World Your Workstation with Dragon® Medical One.