Connectivity Solutions

Keep your staff connected and productive with fast, reliable internet and Wi-Fi

When your business depends on the internet or point-to-point connections between sites, a fast, reliable connection is imperative. Solution Partner will help you select the right connectivity whether it be fiber, cable, DSL, or microwave. We’ll manage the contracting and provisioning of the circuits and installation into your facility and network. Our ongoing Remote Monitoring service notifies us 24/7 of any issues with the health of the connections.


Dedicated Staff

Solution Partner has partnered with several leading communications providers such as Cox and CenturyLink to offer discounted data and voice options. We also have dedicated reps and project managers to keep your upgrade and expansion projects moving smoothly and on schedule.


Backup Internet Connection

At your request, Solution Partner will engineer a backup internet connection using a separate connection such as fiber, DSL, cable, or cellular wireless internet for your network. Even if your primary connection fails, this will allow for full or partial functionality of your office until repairs are completed on your primary connection.


LAN Optimization

LAN Optimization is paramount to delivering an enterprise-quality voice and cloud experience. Our highly skilled techs leverage state-of-the-art tools to proactively monitor and analyze network components. We then leverage this data to identify and remediate any issues related to voice quality, latency, packet loss, and other critical variables that will affect voice and data quality for any supported application.


Managed Wi-Fi

Wireless accessibility and security is no longer a no-win, either/or choice. We leverage best-of-breed technology to implement and secure enterprise-grade Wi-Fi capabilities for our customers. We recognize the need for employees to move between locations and be able to cut the string. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide wireless security for accessing corporate data as easy as it is to provide complimentary wireless access for clients in a mall, while ensuring that security is maintained at all levels.

Our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi management technology also allows us to integrate with existing active directory infrastructure, while providing an easily configurable and usable interface for administrators to see who is connected and what physical areas they are connected to. We take the guesswork out of wireless security and package it to suit your needs.