3CX Phone Systems

Upgrade your business communications with this feature-rich yet affordable VoIP phone system


Increase your productivity
while saving on costs with 3CX

The 3CX Phone System is a feature-rich VoIP phone service system that can host your PBX and unify your communications in the cloud. This system is cheaper to set up and costs much less per user than a traditional PBX Phone System and that’s before taking into account 3CX’s business features. Solution Partner customizes 3CX to fit your business perfectly so you only pay for the features you need.

Here are some reasons why businesses
switch to 3CX Phone Systems:

  • Professional Business Phone Features

    Unified Communications, live chat, video conferencing, and more, will improve operational efficiency
  • Leverage the Cloud

    Access your voice calls and messages on multiple devices that are connected to 3CX’s Cloud services, anywhere
  • Reliable and Secure

    Enjoy excellent call quality on 3CX’s secure web servers that make dropped calls a thing of the past
  • Massive Cost Savings

    Save up to 80% on your current phone bill by switching to 3CX and reduce on travel expenses with video conferencing

Communicate more effectively
with 3CX’s innovative features

3CX offers many efficiency-boosting, time-saving features to businesses of all sizes. You can use these features to respond faster to your customers, communicate from different devices, integrate your CRM and much more. Get in touch with us to find out which 3CX's features best fit your specific needs and goals.

Unified Communications

Access and monitor all your communications channels through Unified Communications

Live Chat App

Instantly respond to customers on your website with the Live Chat App

Video Conferencing

Set up Video Conferences with up to 250 participants and save on time and travel costs

Android/iOS Compatibility

Make VoIP calls and use other features on your Android/iOS devices with our fully-compatible 3CX App

Windows Softphone

Use your PC or Windows device to make VoIP calls or integrate your CRM easily into the Microsoft Office Suite

Next-Gen Call Center Features

Monitor call center activities with real time statistics and other call center-specific features


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