Technology Procurement

Leverage the latest hardware and software at the best prices

Solution Partner provides a fully managed computer hardware and software procurement service. Our team of IT experts are here to help you procure, implement, configure, and support any technology products and/or services you need. We eliminate the need for you to manage multiple vendors and subcontractors. We’ll take care of everything for you, coordinating installation dates with all subcontractors on your behalf. We’ll also manage all manufacturer warranties, facilitate repairs, and notify you when the warranty is going to expire.


Equipment Leasing

Emerging IT trends such as virtualization and hyperconvergence can change the way you do business. But there’s not always room in the budget for a large-scale upgrade and the technologies you choose to invest in may be obsolete in just a few years. You need to find the right balance between the technology you need and your bottom line.

Solution Partner’s equipment leasing service lets you acquire the latest hardware and software at affordable prices while remaining flexible as your technology needs to grow over time. Our leasing options give organizations the option to lease virtually any IT products, from computers and telephony equipment to software and servers, at the rates and terms that work for them.


Hardware Disposal

Let Solution Partner handle your equipment recycling needs. We’ll pick up and dispose of your technology equipment. All assets containing storage media go through
a standard data erasure or shredding process that overwrites the drive to render the data irretrievable. Data eradication and destruction services are compliant with domestic and international standards such as DOD, NIST, HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, FCRA, and backed by a Certificate of Data Destruction.


Consulting Services

Our seasoned IT consultants have a wealth of experience in providing sound advice and guidance for businesses throughout Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Utah, and Nevada.

  • Comprehensive IT Assessment
    Solution Partner will conduct a full audit of your IT systems, including searches for any vulnerabilities that require attention.
  • Risk Management & Governance
    We can create a business continuity plan, develop policies and procedures, and follow compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI, and SOX).
  • Infrastructure Design
    Solution Partner will create a technology roadmap that will sustain repeatable service levels and save thousands in maintenance.
  • Operations Improvement
    Let us analyze your business practices and find the best methods for improving workflow and communications.
  • Project Management
    Let our project managers with over 20 years of experience lead, organize, and manage your IT projects from start to finish.
  • Vendor Selection
    We will assist your business in choosing the most suitable and cost-effective technology solutions available.

Custom Project Work

We realize that as your business expands and confronts new challenges, you may need
additional projects along the way. Whether it’s opening a new office, a merger with another business, or other technical challenges, we are prepared to offer a wide variety of custom project work at discounted rates to help optimize your IT infrastructure. Many projects, such as equipment setups, software installations, migrations, and configurations, can be performed overnight and on weekends so there’s no interruption or downtime at your office.