5 Tips for optimizing your internet performance

5 Tips for optimizing your internet performance

With more mission-critical business operations being shifted over to the cloud, it’s never been more important to have a fast and reliable internet connection. Even if you’re not experiencing regular outages, business can still grind to a halt if there isn’t enough bandwidth. VoIP phone calls end up getting fraught with interference and quality issues, backup routines don’t work, and customers are left unable to receive the support they want.

These are just a few of the problems that can be prevented by optimizing your internet. Here are five tips for boosting network performance and reliability:

#1. Upgrade your hardware

Keeping pace with the constant evolution of technology has never been easy, but there’s a lot less to worry about when you’re relying on cloud computing. The challenge is, if you’re relying on the cloud for everything, then that means your internet connection must be running optimally at all times.

That’s why you should prioritize networking hardware when it comes to your technology investments. Always make sure your routers, wireless access points, and network cards adhere to the latest connectivity standards and protocols.

#2. Modernize your infrastructure

Cabling and other infrastructure might not be the most glamorous part of building a reliable office network, but they are among the most important factors. Even something as small as a bad ethernet cable can cause massive problems. For example, using an older Cat-5 ethernet cable can cause interference with internet telephony systems.

Always make sure your cabled connections are using Cat-6 ethernet lines and that wireless routers, access points, and networking cards are compatible with the latest wireless-ac standard. Structured cabling can also increase bandwidth and simplify upgrades and maintenance.

#3. Eliminate bandwidth hogs

By default, most applications consume as much bandwidth as they can. For example, if you’re doing bandwidth-intensive tasks like video streaming or backing up large amounts of data in the cloud, they can end up taking up so much bandwidth that all other processes crawl to a halt. It’s a similar situation with automated software updates, which often download at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s important to prioritize bandwidth so that essential operations like web conference calls with clients always have enough. You should also schedule things like cloud backup routines to run during off-peak hours. Finally, it might be necessary to block high-bandwidth sites like YouTube.

#4. Reduce wireless interference

It’s always better to use a cabled connection wherever possible, since it ensures the maximum possible performance with minimal risk of interference. But with today’s mobile workforce, it’s still important to have a reliable wireless network.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce wireless networking interference. You can set up access points using power line networking or other cabled connections so that signals between routers and end-user devices don’t have to travel through multiple walls or floors.

Despite the lofty claims made by device manufacturers, real-world wireless network ranges are far lower than advertised, hence the need to minimize obstructions and reduce interference from other networks and appliances like cordless phones and microwaves.

#5. Have a separate network for guests

If you’re running any kind of venue that’s open to the public, whether it’s a shop, hotel, or catering establishment, wireless network access is essential. But for security, privacy and performance reasons, you should avoid sharing your business wireless network with guests.

Instead, try setting up a separate network for them, preferably with a dedicated router and other networking hardware. If that’s not practical for any reason, many business-grade routers let you configure multiple networks and allocate bandwidth to each one.

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